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To activate, incubate, and elevate leadership potential for food and nutrition professionals who are determined to use their practice and platforms to cultivate a more just, regenerative, and climate-resilient future for all.


The Planetary Health Collective will provide an unparalleled opportunity for food and nutrition professionals everywhere to channel their unique passions and skills to counter the climate crisis, with the intersectionality, urgency, and persistence needed to succeed.

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We share the belief that human health is inextricable from stewardship of the natural systems upon which it relies, and we believe that food is the strongest lever to optimize both. We also believe that an intersectional and community-driven approach that actively works to dismantle systems of racism, classism, and oppression is at the core of this work. By arming food and nutrition professionals with the knowledge, skills, community, and opportunities needed to enact climate justice through food, we plan to build an active coalition of experts who will turn our vision into reality through intersectional community organizing, equitable food policy advocacy, and ecologically-centered culinary and/or nutritional practice.

guiding principles
  • We are a movement to mitigate climate change and nourish human health by leveraging the unique role of food and nutrition professionals in the fight. We stand together in acknowledgment of the urgent priority that climate change poses to our society, and we will use our intimate proximity to food and nutrition systems to promote the health and wellbeing of people and the planet.
  • We believe that to make climate-conscious eating a norm and not a privilege, we must actively dismantle systems that propagate health, wealth, and hunger disparities. All people should have the right to access, afford, prepare, and eat food that is nutritionally and culturally appropriate. We advocate for equitable food systems through federal and local policies that protect and expand nutrition assistance programs, and as well as the hard-working communities who grow, distribute, prepare, and serve our food.
  • We practice deep reverence for the cultures, communities, and customs from whom the conception of planetary health originated, and we elevate these predecessors in all iterations of our work. We actively work to disentangle and diminish the presence of colonialist narratives in the fight for climate justice by elevating both the rich histories and active presence of disenfranchised peoples from whom the concept of planetary health truly originated.
  • We are a diverse global community from all walks of life; we practice respect and radical nonjudgement in both word and action, and practice anti-xenophobia and anti-racism by actively including, elevating, and centering marginalized voices. We value our differences, respect each other, and band together in our shared vision for a brighter future. We practice empathy and non-judgement in our mission to promote personal and planetary health, and we do not tolerate bigotry or hatred in any form.
  • We acknowledge each other’s unique gifts, and we play an active role in elevating, supporting, and caring for one another and our networks. We prize our connections and community and always practice professional civility. We strive to take care of ourselves and each other to maintain our strength as a movement. We share opportunities and referrals in an effort to further our cause and our community. ​
  • We cultivate curiosity, embrace experimentation, reward creativity, and take initiative to learn together. We adopt a growth mindset to continuously learn and adapt, with kindness and humility. We communicate clearly and compassionately.
  • We grow our power by engaging daily in the work, talking to our local communities, and building frameworks and systems to operationalize a “new normal” in regenerative food and nutrition. We understand that regular engagement is a necessity to address the urgency that the climate crisis poses to society. We innovate to create tools and systems that make the most nutritious and ecological choices, the easiest choices.
  • We stand in solidarity with other movements and organizations that align with our mission, vision, and values. There is no dividing line that separates movements towards social, economic, and environmental justice. We strategically partner with an intersectional range of allies to build political power in support of our vision to create justice, equity, and sustainability in human and environmental health.