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The Planetary Health Collective is the food and climate resource for nutrition professionals.  

Join the the PHC to help counter the climate crisis through food and nutrition.

We are a movement

to mitigate climate change and nourish human health by leveraging the unique role of food and nutrition professionals in the fight.



We learn and teach how to connect the dots between food, climate, labor, racial, and health justice.

​We provide educational opportunities to instill the notion that all people deserve the right to access, afford, prepare, and eat food that is nutritionally, culturally, and ecologically appropriate.



We welcome community members of all experience levels to foster their unique skills and passions in the fight.

We work as a collective to think creatively about how each and every individual can help to create and support just, resilient, and healthy food systems.



We take action alongside our allies to forge the path forward for systemic change in food and climate.

​We are committed to activating our community to influence change at local, state, and federal levels.

recipes to heal the planet

Plant-based recipes to support human and environmental health.
Start making small changes that support planetary health by changing what's on your plate.
Image of the 2021 Summer Edition of Recipes for Planetary Health