Leah Tarleton, MS, RD

Leah Tarleton, MS, RD is an integrative dietitian and food justice advocate. At the University of New Hampshire, Leah served as Campaign Manager for Slow Food, exploring the inequities in the global food system. During her Master's at Cox College she continued to study the connection between human health and the environment. After working as a clinical nutrition manager in long-term care, Leah left her job to volunteer in the emergency food system, reconnecting to her food justice roots. She joined the Community Alliance for Global Justice' (CAGJ) RiseUp! Summer School Program where she participated in grassroots fundraising efforts and deepened her knowledge of concepts surrounding food justice and food sovereignty. Leah is currently a member of the CAGJ Food Justice Committee and the Hunger and Environmental Dietetic Practice Group where she currently serves on the social media communications team. Additionally, Leah founded Anxiety Nutritionist, and is on a mission to help women from all walks of life use food as medicine to heal by transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.